Board of Directors

The Greater Wilmington Tennis Association (GWTA) is a non-profit community tennis organization affiliated with the North Carolina chapter of the United States Tennis Association (USTA).  Our goal is to promote healthful recreation and "To Grow the Game of Tennis" by facilitating the delivery of programs offered by existing tennis organizations and by creating new opportunities for novice and junior tennis players.

2014 GWTA Board of Directors

Name Position Phone
Roberta Phelps President 910-392-2058
Christine Tatum Vice President 910-686-4756
Anne Lorenz Treasurer 910-686-7898
Cheryl Canady Secretary 910 799-8192
Marie Boykin At-Large 910-763-2880
Cindy Retchin At-Large 910-256-2789
Jonnie Harris At-Large 910-520-6947
Randy Baker At-Large 910-476-4311
Yona Bar-Zeev Immediate Past President 910-686-5457
Paula Sneeden *Past President 910-617-3352
Tara Duckworth *New Hanover County Parks and Recreation 910-798-7635
Tom Parkes *Tennis Professional 910-233-4755
Barb Caropolo *WTT 910-470-7993
Tari Ann Toro *Wilmington Parks and Recreation 910-341-4631

The GWTA is funded by grants from the USTA, awarded based on the number of USTA members in our area and % increase in participation in league and other tennis programs.  This includes people participating in the various leagues and tennis programs such as "USTA Junior Team Tennis", "USA League Tennis", Mixed Doubles, and Combo Doubles.

Any USTA member or Wilmington Tennis Ladder (WTL) participant residing in New Hanover or Pender counties is automatically a member of the GWTA.

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